Unity 2020.1 Device Simulator — A Beginner’s Guide

Test your mobile game projects on your PC, and get the Camera, UI, and game feel just right.

Getting the perfect fit between UI and dozens of mobile phone resolutions takes time. Thankfully Unity is here to make it faster! Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash
  • Building your app binary for each and every device and testing your app on each device
No one wants to own this many phones to properly develop an app! Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

Installation Instructions

1. Open Unity, then select Window > Package Manager from the top menu bar. With Package Manager open, select the dropdown in the top-left and choose Unity Registry.

Select “Unity Registry” then click the Gear icon to turn on preview packages.
Device Simulator in action!


Now you may be wondering — “Hey this looks good and all, but what makes this more than just a skin on top of my normal Game view in Unity?” I’m glad you possibly asked this question! Here are some of the great features that Device Simulator gives us:

Tons of resolutions to choose from — if you can think of a device, it’s here!
  • The Device Simulator enables touch controls vs keyboard, so please keep this in mind when testing! Your mouse cursor simulates a screen tap on click, which can help with testing touch controls.
  • Click Highlight Safe Area to draw a rectangle that suggests where the deadzone for your game should be. If you follow this indicator, your game will look great even if your player’s phone has a notch!
The safe area is outlined in green. This example certainly helps to understand where UI elements should lie!


If you are a mobile game developer, I highly encourage you to go back to your old projects and take advantage of the Device Simulator feature! I have found it incredibly helpful with pushing updates for some of my older projects.

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