Top 5 Unity Game Development Concepts to Memorize ASAP

There are core tenets of Unity currently, that you should get to know before you become a professional game developer

Awaken your inner game developer by understanding the basics. Source, Unity.

Component-Based Design

An example of Component-based design versus a traditional hierarchy.

Object-Oriented Development

Everything About the Update Loop

The entire Script Lifecycle. To give you an understanding of the scope. Source,

Data Serialization and Persistence

Saving player data is key — and how you do it is important as well. Photo by Brent Dalling on Unsplash

Coroutines, Timers, and Threading

Coroutines will not take advantage of your player’s 16-core beast of a machine. But more often than not using Coroutines is better than the Update loop. Photo by Cristiano Firmani on Unsplash


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