Making an Open World Video Game? Do it Right or Not At All

Harness just the right balance of randomness and determinism to make something special and truly engaging.

Valheim is a Viking themed open world game taking the world by storm. Source,
What kind of open world game do you enjoy playing the most? Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

Your Game’s Core Promises Are Important

As game designers, we create games that promise gamers a certain kind of experience. Photo by Andrew Petrov on Unsplash

With Great Randomness Comes Great Responsibility

The concept of constructs in your world is more powerful than scattering random elements across a barren wasteland. Source,

Let Your Players Obsess Over Their Character

Character customization deepens a player’s connection to their character, and the game as a whole. Source,

Open World Does Not Equal Aimless World


Freelance game designer / developer. Full stack developer. Board game geek and cat tamer.

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